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  1. Hi I am considering working agency, specifically for Favorite Nurses. Can anyone give me info on them how they are to work for etc? I am around the Boston area.
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  3. by   NorthernRN
    Phantom ~ I can't give you specific info about that agency or Boston, but I can give you gen'l info about agencies. I work for one right now and I LOVE it. The pay is great ($4-5/hr over what other staff RN's are making), full benefit package, and they are just a good agency. I can stay out of the politics, but still enjoy the people I work with. Good luck!~!
  4. by   applegal
    I've worked for Favorite in TX and had better results during Winter/Spring in landing work in units I wanted to work in. During the Summer I was cx approx. 75% of the time I was scheduled to work which was very disappointing. You have to be flexible and work various areas if you want to stay busy. I just didn't like going to areas where I hadn't received any type of orientation to the unit/floor. Besides with the liability issues why stick the ole neck out there to get it hacked off....The pay is comparable with most agencies....
  5. by   Phantom2U
    Thank you for your responses. I have decided to try them and see how it goes, but of course I won't quit myday job, so to speak.