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Hi Everybody! A year and a half ago my life changed when I put all my focus on becoming a nurse. After many prereq classes, and considerable luck, i was selected by lottery for a seat in the Fall... Read More

  1. by   NCNocRN
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  2. by   mario_ragucci
    I don't want this thread to sound too mushy, but I want to thank you all again for responding with great words.

    One immediate obsticle I have is the CNA exam on 15 Jan here in Portland. Most CNA's I ask say they failed the first time around. (gulp)

    Are there any nurses that started as nurses, and did not get a CNA certification? For me to get a job a need this certification, and every state is different, I understand.

    I'll sit back now and absorb the information on this board now. Thanks again for the warm feeling yall have given me

    Sincerely, Mario
  3. by   amy
    May the next close-to-as-gratifying moment in your career be the day you open the letter that states you passed your state boards! Welcome to the site that has kept me sane many a late night after work.