Excelsior College for Lvn to RN

  1. :roll Hello has anyone LVN here taken the Excelsior College program for their ADN?
    I have only 2 classes of pre requesites before I can be accepted in to any ADN program but can not find one that will allow me to work enough hours on the side to support my family so the alternative was given to me the name of Excelsior...I would like to know how much it costs? and if it would actually be cheaper since I have completed my prerequesites.
    Also is there clinicals somewhere and how do I take the tests and how much would they be?
    Excelsior seemed a little vague when I posed these questions in a letter and never gave me the exact dollar amounts?!!!
    It made me a bit nervous...Help would be appreciated as my science classes I understand are only good for 5yrs from date taken...Thanks
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  3. by   MichelleRN1102
    I graduated from Excelsior in October. It is difficult to find pricing unless you know how to navigate their site. Go to http://www.excelsior.edu/pub_page.htm - lots of links on fee schedules, financial aid, etc.

    I did not see anything there, however, on test fees. But, I paid $130-$160 per test. Plus about $100/test for books - sometimes more...sometimes less.

    I spent about 5K total - and I also had two prereq's + all nursing theory/clinical testing. So, I think it's a little cheaper than Community College for the ASN.

    There is no clinical preceptorship -- you're basically on your own until your Clinical Performance in Nursing Examination (CPNE). You can get some clinical experience through your job (within guidelines of your State Nurse Practice Act - i.e., thorough assessments, sterile field set-up/dressing changes) and they also offer a clinical practice kit - to practice IV meds, etc. (I had read a post from another student about practicing IV drips/meds and letting the line drain into her house plants....great idea!) Also check out Excelsior's Nursing page - http://www.excelsior.edu/nur_home.htm - and this site created by an Excelsior College Nursing grad with lots of helpful information - http://www.chipkalee.com.

    It is difficult in the beginning....but then so is any new experience.

    Hope this was helpful...good luck!
  4. by   DARLENEDOT
    Thanks Michelle,
    I printed out some info online from that site it indicated several exams such as CPNE, which you stated I had to take but what about these? CPA(CLINICAL PORTFOLIO ASSESSMENT),HAPTE,Health Assesment and teaching perf Exam,PRPE,Professional Role Performance Exam, Member of Profession Exam?
    Are these all necessary ? Were you a LVN prior to Excelsior? I can't seem to find where the credit for my license is applied in this program...any ideas or knowledge...thanks for your time I really do appreciate it.
    I am not sure if I should take my 2 summer courses
  5. by   Agnus
    Call and ask for the Nursing Catalog the number is Toll free 1-888-647-2388 or Even better Write: 7 Columbia Circle, Albany, NY 12203-5159

    Also ask for the current Fee schedule which may change around July.

    The catalog and the fee schedule will answer the questions you are asking here.

    CPA is an option open only to RN's. This is not an option to LPN/LVN you must take the CPE.

    The way you get credit for your LPN/LVN is to take the exams and have your knowledge level evaluated. Transferable courses that apply to you degree will be applied. Nursing courses from and RN program are transferable IF they correspond to the exact content area of a particular exam.
    P. S. Unless you are going for BSN these other exams you asked about do not apply. Again get the catalog. I am a current RN-BSN student. I am familiar with the ADN program.

    Since LPN programs are different and generally do not articulate to an RN program you will not be granted credit solely on being an LPN/LVN. Additionally Excelsior recognizes that you may have knowledge beyond the LPN level. They use an exam rather than make you take courses that you may not need because you all ready possess this knowledge.

    You just go take an exam and wa la are granted credit if you pass. That is not to say you should not study and brush up before the exam. But you know best if and how much study is adviable for you.
    You can get on line, or by mail, the content guide that tells what a particular exam tests so that you can prepare.

    Excelsior does no instruction. It evalulates what you know and give you credit for it. The most common way they do this by Exam.
    Hope this helps.
    You can e mail these folks or talk directly and they are good about answering questions. But you have too many questions that would be very easily answered by the catalog.
    Many of the things you see on the fee schedule do not apply to you; VERY important to get the catalog first. :kiss
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  6. by   DARLENEDOT
    Thank you Agnus and Michelle
    I appreciate your help..