Evidence-Based Projects for last semester

  1. Hi, I am in my last semester of school and we are required to do an evidence-based project on the unit we are currently doing our clinical on. We came up the use of incentive spirometer and prevention of pneumoccal infections. It still is not final, because we need to do more research. So, do anyone have any other suggestions or problems that you may find on your unit that may need more clarifyng or research as far as following certain guidelines and procedures and why?
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  3. by   edgwow
    CVP/ central,/picc lines- treatment and dressing changes and blood bone pathogens that lead to sepsis. Some hospitals have a small team that does just does that. You put the patients name on their computer data base and they come to change your dressing. They use sterile technique and never break it. There is a bsack up if something happens. This is their only job. EBR has found that these teams do reduce blood infections directly related to these lines.
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    above supposed to read blood borne pathogens