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  1. Hey everyone! Starting my orientation in the critical section of our ER. One of my coworkers showed me this awesome little tiny pocket book ER Trauma Checkmate works great with a bunch of drugs and their rates plus acls and ER specific things. I'm trying to buy a new version from the NNCC website but doesn't really describe much of anything let alone publishing things plus expensive. Little cheaper on which is where I want to buy it. However I heard there are updates available and newer version. Amazon has the one I first wanted but 2003 version by a Angela Clarkson ER Trauma Checkmate through NNCC. However listed from April, 2006 is ER Trauma Checkmate (Critical care series) by Anne Larson with no pic an no info about NNCC on it. I was wondering if anyone new if this was the updated version. About 10 pages longer. I posted a ? on but people on here might know better. I looked on the NNCC website and it's 10-15$ more plus looks like I might have to buy the old one then the updates. If anyone could help I'd appreciate it. I'm nervous about the different drug rates and will borrow my preceptors checkmate but I want to get the right one and buy it soon so I have it off of orientation! Thanks! Here's more info on them that I could find!
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