ER to CATH lab?

  1. Please bear with me as I am researching other areas to work....I've been in er over 20yrs, totally burned out now, want a change. Wondering about cath lab but I've never even been inside of one. I don't want ICU or med-surg. Also considering PACU but still researching. I have 30yrs of nursing and have at least 15 more to go. Have acls, tncc, pals, so I'm not afraid of studying. I would love to hear from you!
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  3. by   CVSDnurse
    I have been in the cath lab for 4 years now, at 3 different hospitals and every lab had its own quirks. I suggest you take some time to observe for a day or so in the lab, get a feel for the doctor/staff personalities and carefully consider the impact of taking call on your life. Remember that you do not get the extra 2 days off for your on-call weekend. It is a unique and very specialized area. A supportive and organized orientiation is necessary as it is nothing you learned in school. Nurses find themselves to love it or hate it. Good luck in your quest.