EPIC STORK electronic medical record

  1. just wondering if anyone has experience with epic stork. we switched last October and are still trying to work out glitches. We still do tape report, fill out a little"brain sheet" and then go out to the floor for bedside report. We are trying to break away from this taped report and have everyone come in and go to epic and print out their lists....just wondering what other hospitals do at the begining of the shift.
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  3. by   NicuGal
    You shouldn't have to do taped report if you are doing bedside, that takes up a lot of time. My unit, and the peds floor, do a charge nurse to charge nurse report on the whole floor, but each nurse goes and gets report on her own patients. We don't print anything from epic, we use the SBAR function and everybody has their own way of taking written notes about their patients.
  4. by   obmomrn
    Thank you for the reply I wish we could get away from tape! We have some "old school" nurses that insist having a printed out census sheet with a general summary of the patients..age doc gp deliv date baby sex doc feed type etc...we are only a 12 bed birthcenter so we do a lot of pt shuffling, but Its not hard to go to epic and just print out a pt lust quick...so do you have a "paper brain" you carry in your pocket with your pt info in it?