El Centro ADN Program

  1. Hello All,

    I applied to El Centro's ADN Program for Spring '08, but unfortunately I did not get in (because I needed to take another pre-req). My question is, has anyone every applied during the late application filing period? If so, did you get in?

    Hopefully you can answer my question.
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  3. by   Slappy
    hmm.. are you talking about el centro, texas.. or at imperial valley in san diego?
  4. by   ICUr_Scrubs
    I am talking about el centro community college, that's in texas.
  5. by   chickpea9
    I think this is the first semester in a Loooooooooong time (4+years) that they have opened it up to the late application period.

    just curious, did you take the missing pre-req during fall '07? if so, then you should be able to apply now during the late app period.
  6. by   ICUr_Scrubs
    No, I didn't know that it was a missing pre-req until after I applied, so I am taking it now during a flex term.
  7. by   chickpea9
    so then you should be ok to apply for fall 08?
  8. by   ICUr_Scrubs
    yeah that's sure, but my only concern is that if I apply during the late application period, will I get in (but that's still no guarantee). Thanks!