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    I am looking at entering the field of nursing but at the moment I don't know what course do go for. I am looking at maybe doing a diploma as it is quicker than a degree. But at the same time a degree would probably open a lot more doors for me.

    Any advice on what to go for would be greatly appreciated.

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  3. by   snowfreeze
    What are your goals? Consider long term and short term. Do you have the finances to go to school for 4 to 6 years right now? Are you willing to work at the entry level with a diploma or associate degree? Do you have any entry level interest? Many people want to be baby nurses or Emergency room nurses. What experience do you have in health care if any and do you know anyone who is working in the health care field?
    I have an associate degree from a community college and now after 13 years am going back to school for my masters degree. I plan to teach in the future and continue to offer bedside nursing. Geriatric psych is my current interest. I have worked many critical care areas during my career. 6 months Med/surg then ICU/CCU for 1 1/2 years then to Med/surg ICU and neuro along with being on a specialty flight team for 6 years total. I traveled for a year and worked in a level I trauma ICU/neuro unit for 6 months then CCU then back to the specialty flight team for a year. Now am in Geriatrics in a large facility offering multiple care regimes to the elderly. Sub-acute, many different levels of dementia, LTC and personal care.
    Could I have mapped that prior to nursing school, nope.
    I was a paramedic and worked while taking nursing classes, I was a farrier and horse trainer prior to paramedic. Life tosses us weird angles, we need to grab what is offered and make the best of it or just move on.