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Last night a patient died by what I can only describe as sheer will alone. She did have cancer, and a tumor debulking, but was otherwise *medically* stable at that point. After surgery, all she... Read More

  1. by   extremebean
    i haven't seen it since my first job in nursing (though i've heard similar stories- guess it's not all that uncommon). i was a CNA in an LTC and one evening at bedtime one of the ladies was doing her bedtime routine. she started her prayers as usual, then threw her arms up in the air and said "lord, please take me home now". i thought maybe she was just bluffing or something, but i got the nurse and sure enough- no more pulse, no more breathing, confirmed by both the nurses on duty. this lady wasn't really ill. she was still w/c mobile. i recall her being one of the most independent and oriented residents in the facility. she was just ready to go, and i guess her lord agreed that time. that's probably the most interesting thing i've seen to this day- and i work ED now- that's really saying something.
    this is a cool thread.
  2. by   rachel h
    We had a LOL not too long ago- COPD but it was not worsening. This lady was so incredibly anxious all the time (the usual for COPDers). The night she died she was her usual fiesty self, yelling out (but A&O) if you didn't get in room 30 seconds after she pushed her call light and demanding her ativan. She was not my patient that night but I guess she told the nurse who had her that she was going to die that night and she called her son and told him she was dying and died about 15 min. later. She was supposed to go to a nursing home because she could no longer take care of herself (or just didn't want to) and she was very upset about that. They were going to try to commit her. I think she willed herself to die- the committment hearing was supposed to be the next day. Weird...