dual degree program for second degree students

  1. I am interested in any information I can get on dual degree programs for second degree studnets.

    I have a kind of unique situation. I received a BS in nursing in 1969 , worked as a school nurse teacher for two years, and then received an MA in elementary ed. in 1972. While I worked as a teacher, I received 27 post grad credits in reading and administration. I retired from teaching and decided that I wanted to reenter my original career in nursing. I took a 6 week refresher class, did very well, was offered a night job in a hospital and turned it down because I felt I needed more experience.

    Now I am thinking of applying to a second degree program, transferring my arts and science credits, and taking only nursing courses.

    Any comments or advice? Anyone who took a second degree program who could describe it? Any mature adults in second degree programs?(like 40's or 50's or 60's?) I just read a thread where someone said they were 20 and felt OLD in their class? That really worried me!


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