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Hi everyone... I'm just asking everyone to give me a hand. I am trying to group the most common used drugs by clinical area. The 6 areas i'm grouping are ortho, neuro, cardio/respiratory,... Read More

  1. by   sleepyhead
    I work in Medical icu (pulmonary service). We see for pressors most often levophed and sometimes dopamine.
    Other gtts: heparin, insulin, fentanyl, propofol, morphine, ativan, versed, new drug for sepsis called xigris, sandostatin for gi bleeds

    other common: pepcid, nexium, kcl, heparin sq, insulin sq, albuterol & atrovent, OXYGEN for everybody almost

    for intubation: usually etomidate and succyncholine (sp?)

    In codes: epi, atropine, amiodorone, bicarb, ns, etc

    Hope this helps!
  2. by   brenzgrove
    Thanks so far to everyone who has contributed! Please feel free to keep adding.
  3. by   Sally_ICURN
    Originally posted by RNLou
    One that's worth another honorable mention....Propofol, an ICU night shift nurse's best friend!