Dosage calculations.....PLEASE HELP

  1. I have a few dosage calculations I need a second opinion on.....well, as many opinions as I can get actually. I am going back to school and am finding out I'm not so sure of my chem cal anymore. Anyway, here they are:
    Order: Dilantin 1200mg IV stat for your patient weighing 158 lbs.
    Label: Dilantin 50mg/ml
    Is this dose safe?
    How many ml should be administered?

    Order: Insulin R 6 units/hr IV
    Label: 100 units Regular Insulin in 250ml 0.9 NS
    How many cc/hr would need to be infused?
    This will be delivered using a Buretrol. How many gtt/min will you set the IV to deliver?

    Order: Dopamine 5mcg/kg/min IV to an adult weighing 148 lbs.
    Label: Dopamine 40mg/500 cc D5W. Drop factor 60gtt/ml
    Is this dose safe?
    Is Dopamine compatible with D5W?
    How many mcg/min will be administered?
    How many ml/hr will provide the required dose?
    How many gtt/min will you administer?

    Sustacal Plus has 2 cal/ml. The patient is receiving the formula at 35cc/hr. How many calories will they get daily?
    The order reads to give 720 ml of H2O in 24 hours. If you added the amount of the water to the tube feeding to be given in 24 hours, how many cc/hr would you program the pump to deliver?
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