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Furthermore, a culture of blame discourages health care workers from reporting near-miss situations, while the identification of a person to blame deflects attention from the underlying problems that... Read More

  1. by   10MG-IV
    Oh, I forgot to say, That was an EXCELLENT article.
    mean old nurse of 30 yrs.
  2. by   Topic Toss Up
    Hi Mean Old RN -
    I bet you are not so mean. Fed up is more like it.

    I think that RN's are going to have to TAKE BACK NURSING as their own profession all together.

    One of my mean old RN friends is looking into becoming a union organizer. My friend wants me to do it. I'm not ready to make that leap, but since she wants out of the hospital and will benefit to use her RN years of experience to make money in the future, it's really a great new venue that is not as physically taxing (no lifting/turning patients/running up and down halls).

    Every RN should talk about an ALL RN (Non-management/supervisory RN) SHARED GOVERNANCE committee and have monthly meetings, take RN concerns to the management/administration & physician groups. If it's supposed to be a collaborative hospital, then the MD's could show up also. Any members not present that were invited would be noted in meeting minutes. If something goes wrong that the hospital and doctors have failed to address, there is back up documentation that showed RN concern over the issue, offered suggestions, etc., before the event occurred. A Masters or Ph.D. RN who would like to do studies of data could do some research on topics of concern and show the hospitals that RN IDEAS DO MAKE SENSE. Imagine that, hard-cold data that would support RN's ideas?

    Magnet hospitals are supposed to have these shared governance committees. Of course, I'm not surprised that some Magnet hospitals have Magnet Status without having the committee. Oh - Why oh why would the ANCC let this happen? Beats me. I don't know anyone on the ANCC, but I'm curious.

    Did you know it costs $47,000.00 & some odd change to have the ANCC come in to review a hospital for magnet status? Gee, we could have staffed a little better for an entire year with that money, right? Not to mention that when a hospital prepares for this "charging experience" (ha ha), it takes away from other resources in the hospital. Resources that could be used for MORE STAFF RN's, or time spent meeting with RN's from THE SHARED GOVERNANCE committee!!

    Wonder how much JACHO costs? Why do hospitals pay JACHO, a non-governmental agency to review hospitals anyway. They are just one private organization WITH VERY LITTLE RN INPUT. Go to the JACHO website and see it's CORPORATE PARTNERS!!! Oh my! If that is not politics that need to be investigated for scandal, I don't know what is. I wish more RN's would go to the JACHO website and read about JACHO's role. Why is it that RN's are not part of the infrastructure that approves hospitals?? I would like to see more masters and Ph.D. RN's apply for these positions so nursing would be represented. TAKE BACK NURSING!!!

    Recommendations from hospital watchdog groups are OK. What is hard time understand is how a hospital doesn't listen to the RN staff as you mentioned. When the DELIVERY SYSTEM or DELIVERY METHOD is made by a committee without RN representation, then it's typical to see hospitals come up with completely impractical solutions that make an RN's job, at times, IMPOSSIBLE because the new system in so unweildy, time-consuming and unrealistic. And then the bean counters have the nerve to mention overtime. RN's - demand your overtime hours if the "system" is so ridiculous that you cannot get things done during your straight time!

    Thanks for your input and comments on the article. Good luck with the meeting.
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  3. by   zhuwei
    A very educational article.!
    Thank You