Does your hospital use this formula ? Press-Ganey=5 mg dilaudidx20 percocet+2warm bla

  1. Do you feel press-Gainy, strive for five really means, if you leave the ER with percocet, then we will get a 5 on our score. I'm so so tiered of this game. Is any one else sick of it. We get a X-mas card from our hospital, talks about press-ganey, not thanks for the over time you put in when we don't have staff (all the time) or the abuse you took from pt's but continued to take good care of them. It says press gaey represents dedication, compassion of serving pt's . But, I really feel it represents how much we bent over and took it. I don't understand why admin feels this type of pr markers are appropriate for hospitals. We're not a department store, there are bad outcomes, people have pain, death and all the emotions that go along with those. Most of us in our ER feel beat up by all of this. :zzzzz :smackingf :selfbonk:
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  3. by   SCRN1
    I personally don't think Press-Gainey scores gives the true picture. One reason is because I think people are more likely to remember something they didn't like more than all the things people did to bend over backwards for them. So, the ones who were unhappy with something are the ones who are more likely to fill out and return the questionaires. The ones who were satisified are less likely to take the time to fill them out. So, Press-Gainey and the hospital never have a clue how many people were actually content with the service they received.

    Instead of sending out those questionaires, or in addition to them, I think they would get a better picture if they had the volunteers or someone go to each patient's room before discharge and ask specific questions.