Does workplace have impact on how you view nursing?

  1. Here is my thing. As many of you know, I am getting ready to begin a nursing school that is every other weekend. I am currently volunteering at a hospital other than the one the school is at, and the nurses there do not support anyone going into nursing and many of them are unhappy all the way around. The hospital my school is through is a magnet hospital and the nurses there love being a nurse and stay there throughout their whole careers! Even the students in the school of nursing there are SO happy!

    I have considered going into respiratory therapy because they always seem happier with their career-but the only school around here that I could go is 60 miles away and between driving there 5 days a week (in winter also) and studying-I worry about the time I will lose with my daughter who is currently just under a year old.

    Anyways, I am asking if you think where you work can make or break how you view nursing as a career. This is such a big decision for me. I want to do what is best for my daughter in the long run, but of course I want to be happy with what I do. I know I like respiratory because of my volunteer work, but it is hard to determine if I will like nursing b/c of the attitudes of there also & this is a small area so that is the only hospital I will be able to work at.
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  3. by   mayberry
    Much of the "view of nursing" depends on the culture of the hospital and the specific unit. And no matter what, you will get the sour apple who just doesn't have a positive opinion about anything. If nursing is what you want, go for it and keep the negativity in perspective. Good luck.
  4. by   billw
    There are good and bad hospitals-just because the nurses at one hospital are unhappy shouldn't make you want to quit nursing.
    I would suggest that you stick with nursing, instead of RT. I think there is a much greater number of career alternatives and opportunities for RNs. I've know two RTs that became RNs, but never the reverse.