Does anybody utilize admission nurses? - page 2

I read an article about nurses that go to the ER or to a newly admitted patients room to admit them, initiates treatment (ex. start IV, Abx, wound care...what ever) and then turns the patient over to... Read More

  1. by   TrudyRN
    We had an Admission Nurse in the skilled facility I used to work.

    She came in about 11, left about 7:30. She would receive the new admit, do the assessment, get the orders to the clerk for processing, and I forget what else, but it did not include doing any treatments, unless she'd had to undo a dressing for the assessment and, in that case, she'd have to
    re-dress the wound. She'd make sure the Resp Tx was called in if necessary and that's about it, as I recall. One problem we had was that so many of our admits didn't arrive until 2 or later. So, this nurse would sometimes have to go to the hospital to do the assessments if she was to have any chance at all to get them all done on any given day.

    P-RN, how typical. Sad.
  2. by   jennyfyre
    At my hospital they use nurses who are on light duty to do admissions. They are on a beeper and it's first call, first served. They usually do admit vitals, assessment, data base, etc. It really helps when our unit census is low and staffed with 8 patients, two nurses, and we get 3 admits at the same time!
  3. by   jo272wv
    My hospital uses admission nurses from 7am to 8pm, it is great, the floor nurse only has to reassess for documentation and fill out the unit paperwork such as plans of care, med sheets, ect. After 8pm we are on our own to do total admisions.