1. Perhaps all you US nurses can help me? Despite being familiar with the terms intern, attending and resident from such shows as ER I have no idea what the exact UK equivalents are. For the record here is the UK grading system
    Consultant: THe only difference between God and a consultant is that God dosen't think he's a consultant. In overall charge of a given case.
    Registrar: The poor unfortunate who actually does the work. Also known for heavy ass-kissing activity.
    Senior House Officer:Lethal
    House Officer: 007 licensed to kill
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  3. by   Janet Barclay
    I like your definitions!
    Attending= fully qualified Doc
    Resident=doing postgraduate speciality (years1-whatever)
    Intern=doing a series of rotations usually one or two years post grad
    Student intern= too dumb to know which end of the stethescope goes in his ears

  4. by   Sue D
    Thank you for answering. It just goes to show that a rose by any other name.........