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I'm just asking out of general curiosity. Has anyone ever heard of a nursing home/residential LTC facility that is owned by a group of nurses? Lately there has been a lot of info posted around... Read More

  1. by   jjjoy
    Generally only big companies with severe cost containment policies that put employees in a tight spot day to day are willing to get into the nursing home business. Apparently, it CAN be done and be profitable at the level of family business, but it takes a big investment and on-going personal sacrafice (round-the-clock work, no vacations, etc).

    In my ideal world, there would be incentives and protections in place to encourage more people to get into the business and be able to be profitable. As it is, liability and legal issues and a plethora of ever-changing and multiplying regulations are very high barriers to individuals and small investors.

    Protection of consumers from incompetence and outright abuse is important, so I do believe in regulation. But providers also need protections, such as from unreasonable liability risks. No matter how competent and on top of things a provider is, bad things will happen sometimes (eg accidental falls) and there should be reasonable policies in place regarding what providers can be held legally and fiscally responsible for. I'd like to see reasonable policies in place for childcare as well.

    Yes, in my ideal world, nursing home care would profitable, affordable, and accessible without exploitation of staff or negligence of residents... but is it possible in the real world? I don't know!