Do AIN's have to be registered?

  1. Hi Everyone, I'm currently a 3rd year student nurse and am interested in getting an AIN job in the Sydney area, but i'm confused as it says in the criteria for one hospital "Are you registered to practice in your profession in NSW, Australia?". What kind of registration is this referring to? Is there a specific registration process to go through in becoming an AIN? Most of my uni peers already have AIN jobs and have not done additional courses. Thanks for any help!
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  3. by   emmalou*

    If I were you, would phone your nursing registration board in NSW to see if they can help you - I'm currently in Qld and AINs up here have to do a TAFE course (at least they do if they work in aged care), however when I was a nursing student in the 90s, I was immediately accepted as an AIN due to being a uni nursing student. This might have changed and it might vary on a state by state basis but it would surprise me if you were expected to do a TAFE course while studying your bachelor of nursing.

    As I understand it, AINs aren't registered, like an EN or RN is, on a professional board.