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Hello all, I am considering enrolling in a distance learning course for an RN to BSN degree. I have researched two prominent programs, Excelsior (formerly Regent's) and Jacksonvilled State... Read More

  1. by   PButler
    There are several decent schools out there who are now offering full online BSN. I am attending University of Phoenix. Like all schools it has it's good and bad points but it is a very convenient school for working folks with families like me! I will be done in May (18 months from when I started) and my GPA is up to 3.97. My hospital (University of NM) pays reimbursement at UNM's rates not U of Phoenix's, so I am being reimbursed for half my tuition (still not bad). I think I might even continue on and finish my MSN or my MBA next year. Use www.google.com and search for online BSN programs and you will be amazed at how many you'll find. Good Luck!