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  1. Hello,
    I recently completed a BSN degree via distance education. I would like to enroll in a distance MSN or MBA program. I have done some research and the following are the programs I like: 1.- FNP from Ball State University in Indiana. 2.- FNP from University of Southern Indiana. 3.- FNP from Stony Brooks in New York.
    4.- MSN from excelsior college with a major in
    clinical systems management (informatics).
    5.- MSN from Dominguez Hills with geriatrics
    6.- MBA from Amberton University.
    7.- MBA from Baker Collge.

    I read somewhere that there isn't a big demand for nurse practitioners and the some NP's are doing "bedside" nursing. Also, there is a saying going around the states that MBA's are "a nickle a dozen" and specialty MBA's are a "dime a dozen".
    I would appreciate your advice about the marketability of these degrees, taking into account that I do not have any managerial experience nor I have a business background.
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