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  1. I am looking for a distance ed. program in psychiatric/mental health nurse practitioner or clinical specialist where at least some of the courses are offered over the internet or by correspondence. Does any know of such a program. I have been searching for quite a while and have found many others, but not this specialty area. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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  3. by   JeanneRN83
    Have you put your post on the psychiatric nursing section (under "specialty"). I found that i received alot more replies than posting in the general nursing discussion (for PH vot psych). I did noticy under the psych section that there are two advertisements at the top for psych programs. Also, put your post in the "students" section under "post-graduate nursing student forum". The "graduate forum" is actually for new grads. Also, at the very top right hand corner, you can type in what you want and it will show you all the posts r/t psych np programs.

    I know you said you have searched alot online so I don't know if these will help you. Also, when you are looking at online programs, make sure the program is accredited. I'm not sure who is the accrediting organization for psych programs. However if you go to a large well-known university who has a psych NP program, it should say who they are accredited by. That same organization would accredit the online programs.

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  4. by   JeanneRN83
    WHOOPS! Sorry, everone, I started at the wrong end of the posts.