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  1. I would like to know what qualities a director of Nursing in an RN to BSN program should have? Today I had the opportunity to interview a potential canidate for the program I am currently in. Our curren DON will retire later this year.
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    Administer the nursing program in the nursing home, or other healthcare facility to maintain standards of client/patient/resident care; advises medical staff, department heads, and administrators in matters related to nursing care and services. Recommends establishment or revision of policies and develops organizational structure and standards of performance. Interprets policies and objectives of nursing care and services to staff and community groups.

    I combine, evaluate, and reason with information and data to make decisions and solve problems.
    1.) These processes involve making decisions about the relative importance of information and choosing the best solution.
    I've the knowledge of principles and processes for providing customer and personal services.
    2.) Includes needs assessment techniques, quality service standards, alternative delivery systems, and customer satisfaction evaluation techniques.
    I approve requests, handle paperwork, and perform day-to-day
    administrative tasks.
    I keep up-to-date technically and know one's own jobs' and related jobs' functions.
    I identify information received by:
    a.) Making estimates or categorizations
    b.) Recognizing differences or similarities
    c.) Sensing changes in circumstances or events.
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