did you go to excelsior? where do you work?

  1. Hi.

    I just recently graduated from Excelsior College and I think I'm going to cry. I feel like no one wants to give me a chance because it's a non traditional program.

    EC alumni: please let me know how your job search went. how long were you searching? what city and state are you in?
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  3. by   pezzy68
    I graduated from Regents College(which is now Excelsior),in 1990.I finished my last half yr thru the program.What alot of people fail to realize is, one has to be be very dedicated and focused to learn in that manner.It may be considered non traditional, but to graduate from the program isn't easy.It takes alot of persistance,studying,and hard work.The way the tests/questions are worded, it really helps you get ready for the nclex.At the time i graduated, some of the educators that wrote test questions for Regents were also writing for the nclex.So , on that note, CONGRATS!!!I know firsthand the difficulty of the school,testing and hard work you put into your degree.Dont ever let yourself feel any different!! (ps, i was already working for a hospital as a nursing assistant during school, but i have never had that fact hinder my job prospects.I worked in home care, management and travel nursing as well.In fact most realized, it does take a more assertive, knowledgeable person to do this)
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