Did you do an RN to BSN?

  1. A group of my colleagues and I are graduate students and doing research on RN to BSN programs and how graduates of those programs feel about their preparation as RNs and experiences throughout their program. If you could answer a few questions by responding to this post, your input would be greatly appreciated.


    Which RN to BSN program did you attend? Not necessarily the school but what type of program.
    What prerequisites were required for your program?
    What is your overall feelings towards your nursing education in an RN to BSN program?
    Do you feel like you were prepared adequately?
    How long did your program take?
    Do you think you got a good return on your investment?
    Would you advise others to pursue an RN to BSN degree?
    If you had it to do it all over again would you obtain your degree the same way? Why/Why not?

    Please don't feel obligated to answer all the questions--any information you can provide can be great!
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  3. by   grantz
    I did BSN to RN and now going to MAN..