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I am an RN who works with developmentally disabled children and adults in a respite care facility. I have found almost zilch out there on the net about working with DD individuals though I have... Read More

  1. by   lisamct
    Regarding our childrens services in the UK social services do ususlly co-ordinate all aspects of care. Mostly this takes the form of support for the families whilst the child is at home and (hopefully) attending school. Very few kids are in any kind of residential care so arent usually offered therapies ect unless it is via their school. Most social workers will admit that they are lacking in the knowledge/skills to successfully support this client group and are simply keeping them 'ticking over' until adult services can kick in.
    In England they have dedicated child and adolescent community LD nurses but so far in Scotland we do not (that I am aware of) so they first time these kids access specialist services is often under a crisis situation where they have to be removed from the home due to an escalation in behaviour difficulties, health problems or difficulties due to aging parents.
    Services here are needing to improve for people with learning difficulties thoughout all areas but we're trying to make it better!
  2. by   jones1541
    Could anyone tell me if a learning disability nurse in the uk can work as a DD nurse in the US?