Debate Topic for Nursing Skill Mix?????????

  1. Hy All,

    I will soon have a debate on "Nursing Skill Mix" and I cannot think of any specific issue for our debate.I would really appreciate if you all could help me choosing one of the topic and give your ideas on your chosen topic. Some that I thought of are:

    1. patient safety and quality of care. 2. cost containment 3. health human resources requirements.

    Thanks. Amyna
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  3. by   rsh3rn
    just guessing at what you're asking here. As far as safety goes the more staff the less likely injuries are to occur in pts or nurses from what I've read. Cost wise nurses are expensive NLAP's aren't as expensive but are limited in what they can do LPN's fall in between in price and scope of practice, also an experienced nurse will most likely have a higher salary then a new grad so that has to be concidered. Then an experienced nurse is often a good safety measure since they act as a go to person for the less experienced staff. Thats my guess anyway hope this helps
  4. by   rsh3rn
    forgot the most important thing the number of staff total higher acuity requires more licened staff in general. Higher staff numbers = better moral for staff, but lower cash flow for mgt