Crohnns Disease

  1. I heard a news item on UK TV which indicated that a study in USA demonstrated that Aloe Vera used with a particular Food Supplement (I dont know which) is proving very effective in the Treatment/management of Chronns. My son (31) has suffered from this for 17 years and has had surgery twice and although he modifies his lifestyle around the condition he has had very few sustained periods of remission despite steriods etc. Has anyone heard of this. Thank you for any help/ advice.
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  3. by   MiddleT
    Yes, I had a friend that was DX with Crohnns' and she used Aloe Vera liq. She would drink it with juices. It did seem to help until she had a really bad flare. Then they found colon cancer. For years she lived with GI discomfort thinking it was just her Crohnns'. She did not have routine scopes because of this thinking. I caution your son to continue with regular testing just in case another disease process is at work.