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  1. Hello everyone. I am a new grad who has an interview for an RN NICU position next week and I am nervous about it, can anyone tell me the types of interview questions they were asked if they had an interview in a similar or the same area, or if they had to do any written tests? Thank you!
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  3. by   CritterLover
    unless you live in an area where nicu jobs are really competetive, i doubt you will be getting any tests/difficult interview questions. and since they are interviewing you as a new grad, i don't think that is the case. :spin:
    [color=#483d8b]most of the nursing interviews that i have gone on are more of them trying to see what kind of person you are, what your work ethic is, and how well you will fit in to their nursing unit. they are also a bit of a sales pitch, with the interviewer trying to convice you to come work for/with them. as a new grad, they know they are going to have to teach you much. they don't expect you to know that stuff yet.
    [color=#483d8b](the exception to this is a drug calc test. expect one. maybe not at the interview, though i have taken them at interview time before, but definatly before you are formally hired).
    [color=#483d8b]how to prepare? get plenty of rest. eat breakfast. dress professionally. be on time! and, i would come prepared with questions for your interviewer. what kind of orientation will you get? do they have a formal program with classroom/hands on experiene? how many preceptors will you have? i always ask about the realtionship between the mds/apns/rns.
    [color=#483d8b]good luck!
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