couple of interviews and need adv

  1. hi,
    my first interview was with a nurse manager on a L&D. i knew this postion was looking and it a bad unit ..just got a nurse manager. But figured i could at least get some interview practice and see what they had to say. Well i hit it off with the nurse manager. But i had reservations on starting a job that i really didnt want and know how bad it run. But i had an appt with hr the next week, and we really hit it off!!! stayed like over an hour chit chattin=)
    when i left i was given a paper for a drug test and some tax papers to fill out, while she hunted the nurse manager down for what shift were open.
    well i got to thinking and sent her an email thanking excited i wa sto start myjob at that hospital. but was taking to an aunt who is an rn and how she voiced her opion on me going to l&d and thought it wouldnt hurt to ask if there were med/surg openings? Well she wrote back no prob she would be able toget me a interview wih a nurse manager. so exicted but did i screw myself out of ajob?
    also had a interview at a ccu in a diffrnent hospital. Went well and really loved the unit!!!!!!!! but pay succccccked! not union, med and dent taken out of pay and such a low starting pay. am i being to picky? a smaller community hosptila makes me nerovus too so feel union is helpful in this economy! adv?
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  3. by   Jolie
    Your medical and dental insurance premiums are going to be taken out of your check regardless of where you work.
  4. by   Be_Moore
    1) Take the job you want. Money shouldn't be a huge issue. Are they not comparable in pay at least, +/- a couple dollars?
    2) Take the job you want.
    3) Union is nice, but realistically the protection they offer isn't as valuable to nursing as it is to other professions...with a shortage, nurses rarely get laid off! The benefits of Unionization are typically better staffing ratios..but in a CCU you shouldn't see more than 2:1 or 3:1 anyway.
    4) Take the job you want. Be as picky as you want. You can move anywhere in the country and get a job, so you never have to settle for a job you don't want or won't like.
  5. by   erin01
    The diffrence in money is about 10,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not just a few bucks=( but your right i am not willing to let the job i have now go unless it a job i want.