could you help me? pleasee..

  1. hai! i'm international student, want to be nurse and work in USA, but i can't speak english well. i can understand what american's say if they speak slower and simple. could be this problem obscure me to work as a nurse in US? how about minority people who work as nurse? do you know about visa B-1 for alien nurses, what do you think about it? what do you think if you work with alien nurses and they cann't speak well, but they do their jobs with satisfactory?
    please give me your opinion, i really really appreciate it. thanks!
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  3. by   grianstad
    What exactly is your situation? Are you a nursing student in the US? Or are you studying nursing in a foreign country with the hopes of coming to the US to work afterwards? Fluency in English is crucial to working here. I think foreign born nurses have to take an English proficiency exam along with the nursing boards to get licensed here. I would suggest you contact the agency that governs nursing in your state/country to obtain the correct information about working in the US as a nurse. I believe there are a certain number of special visas available for foreigners, and I think the number awarded has to do with how bad the nursing shortage is.