Correctional (forensic) nursing

  1. Hi all,
    Anybody out there have any experience working in correctional/psych facilities? I'm applying to one in Canada and want to find out how other nurses feel about it. I have critical care and psych experience, but have never worked in a correctional facility. The money's good, not to mention gov't benefits, but would like to feel satisfied with what I'm doing on a day to day basis, know what I mean?
    Would appreciate any feedback from those that have been in the trenches!
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  3. by   BettyJL,RN
    Hi! My name is Betty and we live in the same area. (I'm from Mesa) and I've worked at several different levels in correctional nursing. Have worked at the state prisons and a juvie facility, as well as at the Co. Jails. I loved the work very much and always felt that it has been the highlight of my career. It is far safer than working in the hospital. Nurses are typically regarded differently by the inmates than the correctional officers are. My experiences certainly have provided a different perspective on human behavior. I've worked with "death row" inmates while they were incarcerated in the health unit at Florence and it was an awesome learning experience to see that these people are often no better or worse in their interactions with others than any other inmate. I would add, though, that often the inmates at the county jails are very poorly controlled as opposed to the ones in the state prisons here. I always felt safer working the Central Unit at Florence than I did working as a registry nurse at the jails. Any questions, email me at
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