correct link

  1. Here is the correct link...I hope

    I did it I did it!!!!! this is the right place!!!

    UHHHH OHHHH this message was supposed to be in the "where do you buy your nursing supplies" thread....I guess I didn't do it ...oh sh*t!:imbar
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    But you did good! I'm proud!
  4. by   jacolaur
    Aww Shucks (big smile) Heather thanks, that makes me feel much better and it is more special that it came from the Queen of computer land.. someday maybe I'll become more adept at this!
  5. by   jacolaur
    How did you learn all about the links and posting pic's, resizing and really are terrific..I love reading your posts along with some of the other peole like you who are so quick all, put a lot of smiles on a lot of faces...thanks