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    Cont'd: I didn't come on like Attila the Hun about the poor practices I observed, but between that and the idiosyncrasies of how they did things,I was always running behind and feeling overwhelmed. The last night I worked (I started this job 1/27) I was put on the 'long term ' side, again without any orientation.Everything was just a little different on this side,enough that just finding stuff was a major challenge. I had to pass meds to about 60 residents,do a couple tube feedings,and check blood sugars on about 5 people. (Again, no info given on who needed crushed meds,or who would flip out when stuck for a blood sugar) One resident I checked was difficult to get a good drop of blood from.She wasn't on a sliding scale; just BID cverage and her am dose was 8u NPH. When the glucometer showed 'LO' I rechecked it and got the same reading.The res.was not pale or diaphoretic, was alert and responsive,skin warm&dry. Breakfast was coming in 1/2 hr. so I gave her some oj and gave her her insulin which wouldn't take effect for at least an hr. I rechecked her BG an hr later (she was sitting up eating brek) and she was WNL. I came to work tonight and was told to call DON, who said "they" had tried to reach me on Friday to discuss my "giving insulin to people with low blood sugars" and that I was suspended until they could figure it all out.
    I have an answering machine, and the only message I rec'd was to see if I could work on my day off. I am angry,and just flabbergasted at the haphazard and unprofessional manner I have been treated. I've already accepted another job, but my issue is more with whether these people are within their rights to behave like this?
    Please, any input appreciated!

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  3. by   swmn
    Overall it sounds like a snake pit job you are better off without. Been there, done that.

    I am not going to pass judgement on your decision to pass the HumulinN. I was not ther to asses the patient, you were.

    I do have some rhetorical sorts of questions for you. How low is "LO" as in low les than 40 or lo less than 65? What were typical AM FBS's for your little firecracker here, and did you call (and document having called) the MD? Did you include this on report?

    I often wonder how awake the 7-3 shift nurses are already when I am giving report to get off 11-7, there has been more than once I have entered a chart ntoe to the effect that I had paged MD so and so, had not heard from him, passed report re: the LO and the N and the pt eating breakfast etc. to the oncoming nurse, sort of end of shift summary.

    If all you charted was LO, 8uN, and OJ, I can already hear some of the snakes I have worked ith, "I never heard that in report." Sounds like you will be better off elsewhere anyway.