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  1. Okkk so I'm 22 y/o nursing major I originally attended Temple University as an undediced workin towards Pharmacy major, I then changed schools and attended Long Island University (Brooklyn campus), after tiring from organic chemistry I switched to Nursing. Spring 06 I was in my first year professional nursing phase, taking classes like pathophysiology, pharmacology, health assesment, etc. I didn't do as well and withdrew from a few courses and my parents no longer wanted me to attend that school because its private. Sooo I'm now taking classes at a community college to maintain a full time status so I wouldn't lose my health insurance. I'm trying to apply to other nursing schools to get in for a bachlors and I just got a letter today from one of the schools and they said they're filled to capacity for Spring 07 and they would hold my application for Fall 07. I'm still waiting to hear from 2 other schools, but I'm beginning to become discouraged. I already have 80 some credits and only a few schools in Pennsylvania accept professional phase BSN students for the spring....Does anyone have any advise?
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    No advice from me really. Just wanted to say best of luck. Try not to get discouraged still have two schools to hear from. If those don't work out this spring, then if you still want nursing, keep at it. Don't give up if you truly want it. Again, best of luck!