Confused and Flustrated

  1. I come into work the other day, and I see another aide holding the residents chart with pen in hand, and the Nurse was dicating what to write on the chart.. Not the 24 hour report either, which accourding to what I was told the only thing that a CNA should touch in this facilate was the 24 hour report ( to communicate with other aides) witness statements for the incident report and our general charting.

    Before you all ask, it was not a input session on the client in question, the were disscusing a skin issue.. The nurse in question is still working through school too.

    Its still eating me up inside, Now I have very good memory, and could repeat what was said... However I was told by my nurse that since I can't prove who's chart it was, as in the exact NAME, theirs Nothing I can do.

    Just thought I would share this, its making me wonder about going to nursing school now.. Am I going to be able to stay silent when I see things I feel is wrong?

    Looking for input, am I crazy to feel this is wrong?
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  3. by   lever5
    You will see many things that are wrong in nursing. The profession needs more people with your ethical standards. Each and every situation deserves a different reaction. Sometime, when you can start a good conversation with the aide, maybe you could mention that you felt funny witnessing the situation. You can only control your own practice, and do what is right when it is your turn.