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  1. Hi, I am a second year respiratory therapy student and I will graduate in May 2007. I love the respiratory area but due to living in a rural area, the opportunities for RT's are very slim. I have contemplated going back and finishing up my nursing degree as well after May. I only have a year and a half left of that program as I have already done one semester of it and all of the pre-reqs. As it is now, my husband has a young son here and doesn't want to move so I am looking at about a 2 hour drive to and from a job for RT on top of a 12 hour shift. Therefore, I thought of returning to nursing school because of the diverse areas of opportunity. But after reading alot of negative posts on this board and also from nurses I work around during clinicals, I wonder if nursing would not even be a good choice for me. It seems nursing has gotten away from just caring for patients because of the things you have to do to cover your own rear, the hours, overworked, etc. I don't mean to upset anyone because I can't really put into words what I am trying to say and it kind of sounds bad when you read it. I read and hear of so many nurses who don't like nursing now that they are in the field. I may just stick with RT and figure out how to work the commute thing. I have also thought of getting out of the medical field all together and going back to the administrative field. I am just confused what to do anymore. Thanks for listening to me babble!
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