Concerns about nurse's safety while I'm in the hospital

  1. I'm supposed to have a hysterectomy next month. I'm really worried about it. I have a habit of being very violent when I first wake up. I was abused as a child and sometimes when I am not quite awake yet I will hit or kick. Something about those first few minutes I'm just not myself. I frequently respond to the person who is trying to wake me as if they are an attacker.

    My poor husband has been kicked in the face twice trying to wake me from a sound sleep. My family has learned to wake me from the door and keep their distance until I am fully awake.

    I am really concerned about possibly injuring nurses while I am in the hospital if they don't know this about me.

    I guess my question is if there is some way to let the staff know that they need to be careful without having to explain my situation to every person who walks in the room.
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  3. by   Katnip
    Just let your peri-op nurse, the anesthesia provider, and your doc know ahead of time. I'm sure you won't be the first. At least they'll have a heads up.
  4. by   clemmm78
    I'm the same way, for the same reason. Heck, I don't even like to close my eyes because I don't know what is coming. Same reason I always sleep facing the door.

    Just tell them and ask them to make note of it. as cyberkat said, you won't be the first.

    (when I get woken up, my family only wakes me from the door and with a great deal of discussion whether or not it is worth the shock to my heart. )
  5. by   SCRN1
    I took care of a patient recently who was the same way. He has been homeless for many years and became that way while sleeping on the streets. He was upfront about it with each nurse who took care of him and asked us to put a sign on his door to call his name and make sure his eyes were open and he was alert before touching him. It worked out fine.