CNA class for free?

  1. OK I've been slogging along taking nursing preregs for a while. My state does not require CNA classes for nursing school. However a local nursing home offers Free CNA classes so should I go for it. I haven't talked to them yet so not sure what the deal is. Hope it isn't a scam. What questions should I ask? Maybe I have to work a year for them for free to pay for class. Anyone else done this. Tell me your experiences. It is a walk in interview and the ad didn't give much info. Are they just looking for a free workforce during the holidays? (clinical time) I have heard really negative things about this nursing home but it is a free class. Waiting for input from others. I thought this class might help me pay for nursing classes when I am through.
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  3. by   MidnyteRaine
    I'd at least check it out, I know as soon as you hear "free" you start to wonder, but there is a Nursing Home in Pa where I live that actually PAYS ($10.40/hour for weekdays, 12.75/hour on weekends) for people to take the CNA classes and there aren't any requirements for working at the facility afterward. I'm a sophmore in a nursing program and I plan to take the classes in the mom took the classes a year ago so I know it's the real deal. As for questions you should ask them, I would ask if there is a requirement for you to work at the place afterward and how long the classes run (at the nursing home I know of you go to classes from 7am-3pm M-F for 3 weeks, then work for 2 weeks M-F on the shift that you plan on working later). If there is a phone number w/ the ad it wouldn't hurt to call and find out more about it. Good Luck!

  4. by   tonicareer
    Walk in only interview so I'm going in won't sign anything for sure. Said maximum pay (if hired after class) is 8.75 an hour (prob for night shift or holiday pay?) Will ask for names of others who took class to find out if real deal. Anything else folks?
  5. by   longtermcarern
    I used to teach a nurse aide class at a local nursing home. Most nursing homes in this area do offer the classes for free with the understanding that you will work for them after completion. it doesn't mean work full time, just that you will give them some time. I think this is usually expected as it costs around 3,000 to run a class and companies like to get something for their money. There is a shortage of good cna's just like there is nurses and the right company will not only pay for you to take the cna classes but will pay nursing tuition after you have worked for them for a year. That is how I went to nursing school.
  6. by   tonicareer
    Thanks for great information. What kind of work does a CNA do in a nursing home these days? What should I expect from this class ( Academically and Clinically). I don't want to put myself a bad situation that might hurt me latter when appling to nursing school.
  7. by   jess2brn
    I think that if it is real it is a wonderful idea. I currently work as a CNA and it really gives me great experince when it comes to clinicals. Even if you have to work there for a certain amount of time they would still have to pay you, plus that would give you an instant job.
  8. by   jess2brn
    Where I work CNA's turn the residents, help with feeding residents, get them ready for bed and put them to bed (3-11 shift) preform restoritive programs, and change the residents diapers, or assist them to the bathroom.
  9. by   tonicareer
    Went to the new site to see the new study on Nursing Homes. The Nursing home was listed as being cited for failure to provide evidence that nurses aides were adequately trained. Well the whole site is an eye opener. I'm sure the government planned this to help people choose nursing home for themselves or loved ones. I encourage everyone to look at that site. Even my area hospital was listed. One nursing home in my county had 10 citations. Something to look at when choosing a place to work. The nursing home also had listed only .07 hours a day for RN per patient and some were lower than that. Apparently Indiana has low amounts of time with patients. Since this nursing home has these classes 4 or 5 times a year I wonder why their aides were considered not adequately trained?
  10. by   mario_ragucci
    Paying out of packet for my CNA ($600.00+) was the greatest thing I could have ever done, in hind sight. I was gonna go to a LTC place near my apartment for my CNA, but they couldn't bend with my school schedule, so I looked around for a school that could, but i had to pay them (credit card)
    Once i got my CNA, and my RN school acceptence letter, I marched right to the best hospital in Portland, and offered them to have the best CNA work for them. Wah-La
  11. by   jausgirl
    Hi just wanted to know the name of the nursing home that has free cna classes if thats not a problem thankx satina
  12. by   jausgirl
    can you please tell me the name of the place that offers free cna classes thank you in advance