cna certification?

  1. working as a provider, finished a correspondecs course in nurses assistant, paid by me, i sked how to become certified in oklahoma and don't get answers, i'm told i don't have to be certified, im just a provider. i haved been working for 1 1/2. 1 year was 7 days a week. i can't take nigt courses, 3 kids and hubby works nights. can i go to wherever and take test or start all over again?
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  3. by   journeyy
    Not exactly sure how it works in OK, but, it might be a really good idea to contact the OK Board of Nursing and find out. As a provider, or CNA, or whatever they choose to call you, it's always good to know what your liabilities and scope of practice are. In many states board testing is required for CNA, in others, nursing homes will train and certify you (for free! and, you get paid while you're training). Best of luck to you.