Clinic LPN Burnout, any suggestions?

  1. Hey all,
    Hope everyone is having a good week! I worked in L&D for a few years until the hospitals went with RN staffing for that unit....and then I went into clinic nursing (Peds/OB/GYN/Family Medicine)......but I'm finding myself starting to feel more and more burnt out each day.......I feel like I do the same thing...over and over and over....the doc I work with doesn't seem too interested in involving the staff in care of the patients/or teaching me anything new ...he just says to get them in and get them out so he can get out of the office in a timely fashion. He reminds me of a doc that is burnt out on being a doctor, just want's to do the stuff he feels like doing and be in the clinic as little as possible. Just feelin' kinda bummed out.....Anyone have any suggestions or know of good job websites for LPN's? Thanks.
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