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  1. I need info on the hospitals in Central CA. I'm thinking about relocating from MI and would love any advice or input on Central Ca{Bakersfield area}. What are the working and living conditions out there?? Never been to CA so I really have no idea about these things!! Thanks so much for any advice or input!
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  3. by   KSEFLINK
    I live two hours north of Bakersfield,but can tell you that you would be working in some great hospitals. The weather would definitely be different. For instance yesterday we were in the mid 70's and sunny!As it is so close to LA, you would be seeing lots of up to date technology and would be close to many other extracurricular activities. I would tell you to come out and see it. Housing market is much better, you can get a VERY NICE house in BAkersfield for about 200,000 less than what it would cost you in LA. (100-150,000 for a 4 bedroom) We are also looking for some great nurses in FResno, if interested!!!