Chiropractic care and your practice

  1. First of all just want to say how great all of you are, and what a great resource this site is to me.

    I am taking a class in directed study and I have to collect information about holistic/homoeopathic nursing. I am focusing on nursing and chiropractic.

    If you could please look over this short questionnaire and answer it. I fully understand if you do not want to answer all these questions so skip any you do now like. Thank you in advance for your time and help.


    1. Location of practice? (State, country, providence...)
    2. What is your specialty area?
    3. What is your education level?
    4. Do you use holistic/homoeopathic nursing in your practice? How?
    5. What are your current thoughts towards chiropractic care?
    6. Do you or have you used chiropractic care? What was the outcome?
    7. Do you or would you suggest a patient seek chiropractic care?
    8. (If applies) What could chiropractors do to increase your respect/opinion towards their profession?
    9. Anything you would like to add.
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  3. by   pediatriclpn
    I live in PA, Bucks County. I am an LPN. Was doing pediatric home care. I fell a year and a half ago on a wet wheelchair ramp, carrying the child I was caring for. I have severe back pain and spasms. I was dx with spondylolysis, and herniated discs at L4-5, L5-S1. I also have spinal stenosis thru the thoracic vertebrae (all the lifting thru the years). I tried rest, 3 epidural injections, PT, nothing helped. On referral from a friend, I went to a chiro. I had seen one many years earlier, he was crack you back, and run kind of chiro. I think he hurt me more than helped. So I was skeptical. My new chiro, who I have seen 3 to 4 times a week almost steady for a year does flexion distraction and torque release. The flexion distraction is a technique of traction to allow the inside of the disc to move back into it. The torque release is how he does the adjustment, with a tool that only adjusts the vertebrae that need to be adjusted. It is a gentler, but very effective technique. Especially for me, as I am very tender. I would, and have referred people to him. Or anyone else that does this form of adjustment. I finally won (with the WC judge) for this treatment to be paid for. But I have finally decided to have spinal fusion done, as the L5 vertebrae has slipped forward some, and is now dx as spondylolisthesis. Good luck with your survey.
  4. by   mrdoc2005
    thank you for your response