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HI.. GOT a question........ I have ben researching c-diff the last couple broaden my learning on it..... But I have also heard that when a pt. has c-diff there is a characteristic smell... Read More

  1. by   raggyann
    Okay, now what about Crohn's Disease? How accurate is the testing for that and is their potential for C Diff to be mistaken for Crohn's?
  2. by   SL233

    Probiotic of choice is Saccharomyces boulardii--you can find pretty good scientific research on this particular "good yeast" that crowds out C. Diff or has the potential to, as long as it survives the stomach acids which is the trick, I suppose. That's why it's important to have a product with enough CFUs. (I think Pure Encapsulations---you can access this on the internet---and also order anything from their site--not just probiotics--- and get "physicians price" which is about half the cost if you ordered without that.

    You have to register---can do this online or by phone---they'll want your healthcare professional info in order for you to get the discounted price.) Pure Encapsulations offers high quality products. For instance, the probiotics arrive in a cooler and must go into your refrigerator. The other two main probiotics needed with C. Diff are L. acidophilus and Bifidobacterium strains (can get these in any number of places, but I order from Pure Encapsulations---get other things from them, too. Check out the site. Maybe you can start selling to some physicians!

    I don't think antibiotics should be given without also giving probiotics during and after antibiotic use (esp. after stopping antibiotics---and I mean antibiotics regardless of diagnosis.)

    I keep Probiotic-5 (Pure Encapsulations) on hand for my family because we take probiotics daily anyway. If anyone in the family is on antibiotics, I add in the S. Boulardii. My husband has sinus infections connected to allergies. Whenever he takes a z-pac, he automatically goes to the frig and takes the probiotics. Why in the world this isn't a standard practice, I don't know. I guess because health insurance doesn't cover probiotics. On outpatient basis, surely, though, doctors can inform their patients about this! And it doesn't mean to eat yogurt only---and Activa (while it tastes good has too much sugar.) The Greek yogurts (plain---I know---sour!) or vanilla are the best. Also, coconut milk (Whole Foods---SO Delicious brand--with pre and probiotics is good and just healthy. We're talking about what is coming to be known as a major player in our immune systems---our gut flora that needs to stay as healthy as possible. OK---enough, I know!
  3. by   SL233
    I have a researcher/clinician friend at a major university who got the approval of the Gastroenterology Dept. to do a fecal infusion (patient had multiple recurrences) and the infusion was a success (it's been about 5 years or so now.) When the Med Center Public Relations got wind of this, they forbade him to do anymore. (Absurd!!) A colleague of his at another one of our very best medical research/clinical centers did the same and got roundly berated by PR at that Center. Only place I know of in the USA where fecal infusions are done (and done well, it appears) is in Duluth, Minnesota. There might be another place at this point---surely in CA there are some! Really is a "transplant" actually--of sorts-- when you think about it.
  4. by   ericanicole
    The place that was experimentally doing the fecal "infusions" was in Saginaw, MI. Maybe they are flying under the radar.
  5. by   SL233
    Here's the one I've heard of. There are some in Canada. Surely there are more in the USA too. Other than the place you mention, I haven't heard of any, though.
  6. by   raggyann
    Re: characteristic c-diff odor??

    It is referred to as a transplant in the medical community. They are doing them in India as well.
  7. by   Eric64
    to me, C-Diff diarrhea smells like a combination of diarrhea and finger nail polish remover, or even radiator fluid + diarrhea... a wretched, sweet smell that is unforgettable.
  8. by   Eric64
    oh and I have c-diff diarrhea for 12 days now, and started a pro-biotic called Ultimate Flora Critical Colon 80 Billion, which, after only 3 doses, started to cause my bm's to go from liquid to firm... I'm very impressed.