CD of assessment sounds c visual

  1. This is more of an education request but I don't know where else to post it.

    Does anyone know of a computor CD that plays various heart and lung sounds IN CONJUNCTION with an animation of the heart and/or lung?

    I'm looking for something that can SHOW ME whats going on when I hear all the strange things that I do.

    I can imagine mitral regurgtation. I would like to better fix it in my head what it sounds like.

    thankx, vinni-
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  3. by   babyboomerRN
    hi! if you type in" heart and lung sounds" on your search engine, alot of different sites will come up. some you can listen to just from the website and there are also cd's that you can order.
  4. by   vinni
    I tried that. All I get are audio only CDs. None with a syncronized visual of the heat beating, or murmering, or whatever.

  5. by   Dionysus
    There is a set of educational programs that the school that I attend likes to use liberally. It's by a company called A.D.A.M. I imagine this would be your best guess as to where to find something like this, but they might not go that indepth with assessments. At times the animations and explanations can be a bit childish, but it does have some value to it. I'd check with your college/university and see if they have something like this. If not, try calling the nearest med school to see if they know of any software. Lemme know if you find anything else, I love collecting books/software and such Anything to help out a fellow student.