canadian to write nclex

  1. hello,
    I am in the process of applying to write nclex. Can anyone give me any tips on what to study, good study books or online courses
    etc. Have been reading the posts about 'how many tries before passing the exam' and wondered what is meant about the computer shutting off and people getting different numbers of questions?
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  3. by   emily_mom
    Can't give you a lot of help as I won't be taking it until May, but the computer shuts off when you've either passed or failed. Since there is no magic number, you don't know how many you're going to get. I think you can get up to 250 or so, and the minimum is 75. I have a study book/CD Rom at home, but I don't know who made it. It's really good. I'll post it tomorrow when I get home....

  4. by   ahindle
    I am currently studying for NYCLEX as well, plannign to write in June "ish". Have you written yet? How is your studying going?

    I took 2 L&D refreshers (that is what I am planning on going back into) and am studying 1 system per week. I am then completing the appropriate section in Mosby's study guide for NYCLEX. Any different from you?

    Where are you planngin on gogin in teh US?

  5. by   illecob
    Hi Ang,
    I have only started the process and am applying for permission to write through Minnosota board (thanks to someone on this board suggesting that is a good way to proceed) I am thinking of sending for the Kaplan book and cd called "NCLEX-RN" its about $39US. How do you know where to write the exam? How often is it available to write? What is the closest test center? I am from Hamilton. Good luck with your studying......I tried some test questions on and they seemed fairly decent things to ask.
  6. by   kmaryniak
    I wrote the NCLEX last year. Kaplan is a great book, especially the one with the CD. You can order them, or some of the bigger book stores (like Chapters) carries them, too. There are also other books for studying available. You can also check out your local library, if you don't want to invest in a book. There are several websites regarding the NCLEX, but try not to enroll in a "study course"- that is a waste of your time and money. Even though I'm in California, I wrote through Minnesota, and endorsed into California. I got my permission to write the exam within 2 weeks from Minnesota. After I wrote, I got my license within another 2 weeks. They are quick!! As far as the exam goes, you write a minimum of 75 questions, and I believe the maximum is 265. The computer "trends" your answers. So, if you are getting psych questions wrong, it will give you more psych questions. The questions become more "difficult" with correct answers, and "easier" if you get a question wrong. It covers everything-med/surg, obstetrics, peds, psych, meds, etc. The Kaplan book with the CD-ROM has a practice exam included. There are also practice exams at the website, as well as information on where to write. The key is, don't stress out about it. When all else fails, just breathe!
  7. by   illecob
    Were there lots of questions on obs?
  8. by   kmaryniak
    I actually only had a few on obstetrics. Most of mine were med/surg, specifically ortho. The majority of the questions were more based on prioritizing, rather than specific disease processes. For example, one question posed the situation where you had 4 moms and babies- 1 was 2 days old, and just initiating breastfeeding; 1 one was 12 hours old, and not maintaining temperature- that kind of thing. Then it asked which patient you would go in to assess first. I know that everyone's exam is different. I've had friends who have had more geriatric questions, ones with more psych questions, and so on.
  9. by   illecob
    thanks again....are you enjoying work in Cali?
  10. by   kmaryniak
    Um, that kind of remains to be seen right now. We've had a lot of immigration issues, with zero help from the hospital I'm with. It's a bit frustrating!