Canadian RN Exam

  1. Hi everyone!
    I was wondering if i caould get any tips on the Canadain RN exam
    like how much prep does one really need?
    I got the Canadian RN exam prep guide (3rd edition) written by CNA
    if i go through the 2 tests in there is that enough or should i be doing more?
    is the exam like the questions in that book?

    thanks ahead of time
    *from a real nervous ggrad nurse*
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  3. by   betsy1963
    I took mine in October and out of my college class only 1 person failed that I have heard of. I studied from the CNA book and also other questions like in NCLEX book. The questions were similar, but I came out of it not knowing if I passed or failed. (I did well in school>) The questions tended to be subjective rather than factual questions.
  4. by   drmrnfla
    The Canadian Exam is not difficult to study for. NCLEX on the other hand is probably the most difficult exam I have ever written. At least on the CDN. exam you have an opportunity to go back and check answers. Study with the edition you have and plus your schooling and clinicals will help you alot. Good luck.... you will do fine.
  5. by   daz2003
    thanks guys, i'm still nervous lol once i get it over with it will be a relief