Can you adult nurse if trained in diabilities

  1. Hi every one,

    i have a quick question, if you are trainind as a diabilites nurse, can you actively take a practice nurse job without adult branch nursing, or can you as a disbility nurse take a role as a Health Care Asssitant and adminster medication and other treatment.JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE REGISTERED.

    I am confused, i speak reference a working colleague who has done just this,

    Another friend of mine was a peads Nurse, he had to retrain via the OU to be able to adult nurse,

    can someone put me correct on my understanding, in the nicest way please.

    Best Wishes

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    I do not understand the nursing system, i am a student nurse myself, i thought that if you trained for disabilites nursing you could not take a adult nursing role acute medicine without further training
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    From what I understand, being an student nurse myself, it IS possible in the United States to switch specialties. Most places, I assume, would want you to go through an orientation prior to working the new specialty.

    It may not be the same in the UK....check here. (UK Nurses forum)
  6. by   eiggam
    Ok thank you i will try and get a answer to this there, good luck with your training