can u please tell me ratio of preterm neonates to number of nurses..

  1. hello guys.. am new here.. and am from brunei.. and this year i have to do my project regarding to managing parents stress in NICU, so i need to know how many nurses work at NICU in one shift and 1 nurses looking after how many neonates? cause in my country, only 4 nurses work in one shift, and one nurses looking after 4 babies.. so i need to know about other country.. thank you...
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  3. by   everthesame
    I used to work in a NICU. The number of nurses working depended on the number of babies and the acuity. It was a large NICU so we usually had somewhere around 20 nurses on any given shift. The average assignment was three non-vented babies. If you had a baby on a vent you usually only had two babies. Also a couple of nurses without vent babies started with two and then would be sent for deliveries and take an admit if we had any admissions on that shift.
    Every once in a while we would be really short handed and a few nurses would end up taking four babies. That didn't happen too often.

    You might want to post this in the NICU forum. You might get more responses over there.
  4. by   medchick
    We average between 12-15 nurses a shift and can have 1-4 babies depending on how sick they are. In level 3 usually no more than 3. In level 2, you usually have 3-4.